Monday, March 28, 2011


Most People Will Do What's Easiest And Avoid

Hard Work - And That's Precisely Why You Should Do

The Opposite. The Superficial Opportunities Of Life Will

Be Attacked By Hordes Of People Seeking What's Easy. The

Much Tougher Challenge Will Usually See A Lot Less

Competition And A Lot More Opportunity. Being Healthy Is

Hard Work. Finding And Maintaining A Successful Relationship

Is Hard Work. Raising Kids Is Hard Work. Getting Organized Is

Hard Work. Setting Goals, Making Plans To Achieve Them, And

Staying On Track Is Hard Work. Even Being Happy Is Hard Work.

The Nice Thing About Hard Work Is That It's Universal. It

Doesn't Matter What Industry You're In - Hard Work Can Be

Used To Achieve Positive Long Term Results

Regardless Of The Specifics.


Power Snatch



"Get Your Mind Right"

3 Rounds:

400m Run

21x Power Cleans #135 / #95

15x KB Swings #53 / #35

9x Burpee

-I Am Legend

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