Monday, March 21, 2011


Because Some Will Look To Us As
The Authority We Need To Be Honorable, Have A
Passion For What We Do, Display A Well-Rounded Sense
Of Humor, And Stay Humble & Curious To Learn. In
Addition, We Need To Become Master Communicators And
Adept At Dealing With Four Paradoxes Of Leadership.
What Does All That Mean To Us Personally As Being Leaders?
Well, It Means "Integrity." The Word Literally Means
"To Be Whole, Unimpared." It Conveys The Notion Of Being
Trustworthy And As A Leader People Must Be Able To
Communicate And Trust You. I Will Lead Instead Of Follow,
I Will Not Be Afraid Of The Unknown, I Will Move Forward.
Snatch Pulls
70x Burpees
60x Abmat Sit Ups
50x KB Swing #53 / #35
40x Push Ups
30x Pull Ups
20x HSPU
-I Am Legend

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