Wednesday, March 23, 2011


How Is It That People Who Live A Very Simple And
Aren't Constantly Surrounded By New Ideas, Travel
And Technology Can Live Their Lives And Seem To Be
Fulfilled? Then There Are Those That Have The World At
Their Fingertips And Are Surrounded By The Best Of
Everything, Travel To New Lands And Have Continuous
Adventures Yet Never Really Seem Satisfied. I Think It All
Adds Up To One Simple Word: "Appreciation". Appreciation
Is To Understand The Nature, Meaning, Or Quality Of Something.
It's The Ability To Find The Beauty And Freshness In Life That
Surrounds Us Daily. Appreciate Each Sunrise, Every Sunset,
And Make The Most Out Of Every Opportunity That Crosses
Your Path. Expect Nothing, But Appreciate Everything!
Squat Clean & Jerk
Amrap In 15 Minutes
6x Deadlift #185 / #115
9x Box Jumps
-I Am Legend

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