Monday, February 7, 2011


I'm Sure You're Familiar With The Phrase Taking Things
For Granted. We All Seem To Do It At Sometime In Our Lives.
The Phrase Means That You Don't Truly Appreciate Someone
Or Something, Or That You Have Come To Expect It Without
Question. So What Is It In Your Life That You Take For Granted?
Perhaps It's The Person You Love That You Take For Granted. Or
Maybe It's Your Good Health, A Good Friend, Your Job Or A
Talent. Whatever It Is, I Only Ask That You Give This Serious
Thought Today And See If You're Guilty Of Taking Something Or
Someone Very Precious In Your Life For Granted. Life Is
Definitely Too Short, So Please Take My Advice, Be Appreciative
For Everything In Your Life.
~Live Hard Train Harder~
75x Toes 2 Bar
AMRAP In 20 Minutes
3x Power Cleans #65% Of Max
3x Chest To Bar Pull Ups
100m Sprint
-I Am Legend

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