Monday, May 23, 2011


Your Ability To Live By Faith Has Nothing To Do

With: Who You Are, Where You Were Born, Or Where

You Live. The Amount Of Money You Have In Your Bank

Account, The Number Of Educational Degrees You Have.

Faith Is Something You Choose To Carry With You

As You Travel Through Your Journey, Or You Can Choose

Not To. Faith Is Always Now, Present Tense. Faith And

Patience Are Probably The Two Most Important Things We

Have. You Might Not Always Be Able To See What's Coming,

But You Can Always Choose To Have Faith.


20x Toes 2 Bar

20x Box Jumps

20x Push Ups

20x Sit Ups


Run 1000m

30x HSPU

Run 1000m

5 Minutes To Find 1RM Thruster

-I Am Legend

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