Sunday, May 1, 2011


"It's Not About Yesterday"

"Don't Give Up, That's What They Want You To Do"

"I Always Enjoy Training With You Brother"

"Never Forget Where You Came From, And Who You Were There With"

These Are Some Things That Have Stuck With Me

Throughout The Last Two Years Of Training And

Commitment To The Sport Of CrossFit. From Doing Fran

At 65 Lbs & Not Finishing Within 10 Minutes, To Competing

With Some Of The Best Athletes In This Sport... Carl Edwards

Has Always Had My Back And Pushed Me To Go To Places

I Thought Were Impossible. Just As Every Athlete Needs A Coach

To Reach Their Penicle Point Of Performance. Coaches Need

A Coach To Help Them Stay Grounded & Humble About The

Everyday Struggles That May Enter Our Path. A Lot Of People

Have Always Pushed Me To Do Better, But I Gotta Give It Up

To One Of The Big Guys Behind My Motivation To Help Others.

Much Love Homeboy


Hang Squat Clean



5 Rounds

15x Ring Rows *Feet On Box At Ring Level

10x Bench Press #155 / #105

10x Back Squat #225 / #135

-I Am Legend

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