Tuesday, May 24, 2011


"No Lie Is Ever Justified For It Sets Up A Dichotomy

Between What We Say And What Is In Our Hearts"

I Would Say That I Am A Very Open Person, And That I

Put A Very High Value On Honesty. I Absolutely Despise People

Who Will Say Or Do Anything To Get Ahead, When It Is At

Odds With What Is In Their Own Hearts. Honesty Is Not Always

Kind Or Pleasant. A Person Could Be Brutally Honest. So,

Honesty Is Not Necessarily Kind Or Noble, But It Is Clear And

Direct, Where You At Least Know Whether You Like It Or Not,

What You See Is What You Get. Be Honest From The Start. At

Least You Know Where A Person Stands, And You Can Decide

Whether You Wish To Stand With Them, Or Apart From Them,

To Stand For Them Or Against Them. #Point Break


3 Rounds

50m Bear Crawl

50m Broad Jumps


Deadlift #315 / #205

Box Jumps 30" / 24"

-I Am Legend

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