Sunday, May 29, 2011


So How Does Someone Get Mentally Prepared For A

Competition? When Should They Concentrate? How Does

An Athlete Strike A Balance Between Relaxing And

Thinking About The Results They Want To Achieve? It's

Different For Everyone. Some Athletes Need To Focus In An

Intense Manner Before They Compete, While Others Don't

Want To Think About Anything Related To Their Competition.

Preparation Involves Developing A Consistent Routine Before

You Compete Both On The Mental Side And The Physical. Just

As You Stretch Before You Compete, You Should Also Mentally

Stretch. Taking Time The Night Before To Think About Your

Event And Visualize Yourself Successfully Completing Your

Event Will Give You A Much Greater Chance For Success!!


100x GHD Back Extensions

*After WOD


5 Rounds:

Swim 25m

20x KB Swings #53 / #35

-I Am Legend

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