Monday, June 13, 2011


"Every Person Has Free Choice. Your Choice Determines

The Consequences. Nobody Ever Did Or Ever Will, Escape

The Consequences Of His Choices"

-Alfred A. Montepert

When I Coach People The One Thing I Try And Make People

Realize Is That, "All Of Their Choices Come With Consequences."

You Can Choose To Stay In A Broken Relationship, But The

Consequence Is More Headache & Pain. You Can Choose To Stay

In A Dead-End Job And Hate Walking Through The Door Every

Morning, And The Consequence Is Living A Dreadful Life Filled

With Misery. Decide What You REALLY Want. If You Are Living

The Life You Want Then, Great. If You Are Not, The Choice To

Stay Living With "The Status Quo" Will Only Bring You More Of

What You Don't Really Want.


Full Snatch



4 Rounds

3x Power Cleans #205 / #155

12x Wall Ball #20 / #16

30x Double Unders

-I Am Legend

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