Monday, June 20, 2011


When You Were Born Your Work Was Placed In

Your Heart. The Problem With This Of Course Is That

Most Of Us Spend So Much Time In Our Heads We Have

No Idea What's In Our Heart. I Believe Everyone Has The

Ability To Connect To His Or Her Own Power Within And

Awaken Yourself To Your Unlimited Potential. That There Is

A Calling From Your Spirit To Be, Create And Live A Life That

Is More Meaningful, Joyful And Loving That You Thought Was

Possible. Follow Your Heart With Everything You Do, And

The Reward Is More Than Anyone Could Ask For!!


Max KB Swings #4 Minutes

Guys #70 Girls #53


5 Rounds

6x Deadlifts #275 / #155

9x Push Ups

12x Toes 2 Bar

-I Am Legend

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  1. David, thank you for that post! Thanks for the support - it is people like you that make what I do great!