Monday, June 6, 2011


Do You Have Wishes And Dreams That You Want

To See Come To Pass? Or A List Of Goals You Would

Like To Reach? I Have My "Wish List" Stored In A Journal

I Keep In My Computer Desk. At Least Once A Day I Open It

And Go Over My List. Yesterday I Was Looking At It, I Took

Extra Notice Of A Few Things That Have Been On My List For

Quite A While Without Much Movement Toward Attaining Them.

All Change Begins With "Wishful Thinking". Wishes Or Ideas Are

Like Seeds Sown In The Ground Of Our Future. The Seeds You

Plant Today Will Determine The Crop Of Your Tomorrow. But

If You Stop With Just Wishful Thinking Alone Your Dreams Will

Never Come To Pass And Your Goals Will Never Be Accomplished.

You Will Have A Crop Failure. You Must Nurture Those Idea

Seeds With Action. Choose Carefully The Thoughts You Have,

The Words You Speak, And The Actions You Take Because You

Are Creating Your Future.


20 Toes To Bar

15 Box Jumps

10 Inch Worm Push Ups


4 Rounds

400m Run

8x OHS #95 / #65

16x Wall Ball #20 / #16

-I Am Legend

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