Tuesday, July 5, 2011


"For You Have Need Of Endurance, So That After You Have

Done The Will Of The Lord, You May Receive The Promise."

Hebrews 10:36

If We Don't Have Endurance, We Cannot Receive The Promises

Of Our Father Concerning Salvation Or Anything Else For

That Matter. It's True That We Are Given New Chances To Start

Again So Many Times, And That Everyday Is A New Day Right?

But It Is Also True That A Time Will Come For Us When

Endurance Is Essential To Our Receiving Of God's Promises.

So The Next Time You Are In A Situation And Your Body Is

Telling You To Quit; You Must Endure And Keep Going No

Matter What!!! Life Is A Race, So You Start Training Today!!

Squat Cleans


*Control Your Reps


2 Rounds:

60 Ft Burpee Broad Jump

60 Ft Weighted Lunges #50 / #30

60 Ft Burpee Broad Jump

60 Ft Bear Crawl

400m Run

-I Am Legend

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