Sunday, July 17, 2011


Our Lives Are Full Of Successes And Setbacks.

There Will Be Times That You Achieve Great Things,

And You Will Find Your Life Purpose And Feel Blessed.

Then There Are Times That You Hit Setbacks. Life Has A

Way Of Knocking You Down Sometimes, Making It

Difficult To Get Back Up. When You Get Knocked Down,

Get Up And Keep Moving Forward. It Seems Simple, But

Training Yourself To Do This Is Going To Be Your Greatest

Tool For Achieving Lifelong Success. In Life We All Get

Knocked To The Ground. We Experience Pitfalls That Cause

Us To Fall Off Our Path. Many Of The Issues Will Be

Completely Out Of Your Control. But If You Are Able To

Hold On And Not Give Up - If You Are Able To Stand Back

Up Again, You Will Watch The Happiness In Your Life

Break Through. When We Step Out From Under Defeat,

And Bounce Back From Life's Blows, We Come Back

Faster & Stronger Than Ever Before. Keep Moving Forward!


GHD Weighted Ham Raises

#20 Medball / #14 Medball

3 Sets Of x25


AMRAP In 15 Min

5x C2B Pull Ups

10x Ring Dips

15x OHS #95 / #65

-I Am Legend

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