Saturday, July 2, 2011


"To This Day, People Hate Each Other And Kill

Each Other And It's Alway's Because Of Race,

Religion, Or Nationalilty," Said Walter Kase. Not

Only Was Kase A Survivor Of The Holocaust, But He

Spoke In Great Detail On What He Saw, Heard, And

Had To Witness While Being Held In A Concentration
Camp Named Aushwitz. At The Age Of 15, Kase

Weighed 64 Lbs, And Had Lost Everyone He Loved.

In 1943 He Was Set Free. Everybody Loves Freedom.

Everybody Wants It. Atleast, That Is A Common

Assumption. What Happens If Freedom Was No Longer

An Option? If Freedom Was Just Another Word That

Had No Meaning? What If You Had No Freedom?


Bear Crawls 3x 10yds

Handstand Walks 3x 10yds

Pull Ups 2x 10 *Unbroken

Toes 2 Bar 2x 10 *Strict


"Fight For Freedom"

Run 800m

30x Clean & Press #135 / #95

Run 1 Mile

30x Muscle Ups

Run 800m

My Time: 41:19

-I Am Legend

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