Thursday, July 14, 2011


Gossip Is A Often A Sure Fire Way To

Damage A Relationship. When You Talk About

Someone Behind Their Back Relaying Bad News

Or Criticisms To Someone Else, You Are Creating

Negativity In That Relationship. Most Gossip

Comes From Fear, Anger Or Jealousy And The

Perpertrator Is Often Seeking Confirmation Of

Their Opinion When They Gossip. They Want

Others' Agreement And Validation On What They

Think. The Negative Effects Of Gossip Are Well

Known. Negativity In Any Form - Gossip, Our Way

Of Thinking, The Words We Use, Can Have

Detrimental Effect On Our Confidence. Being A

Person Who Other's Count On To Listen Is One

Thing, But To Participate In Gossip Is Another.

#Keep Your Mouth Closed People #Positive Change


Max Effort Running

3 Rounds:

400m Run

Rest 3 Minutes

200m Run


15 Minute AMRAP

10x Push Press #115 / #75

15x Push Ups *Release At Bottom

20x Abmat Sit Ups

-I Am Legend

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